One broad's reluctant journey to the dark side of womanhood.

Curious About Me? August 19, 2010

I work. I parent. I wife. I volunteer.

I’m a good friend, a good daughter, a so-so sister, a tolerable wife, and a passing parent.

I hate my thighs, but my butt doesn’t bother me.  I wonder what happened to my tummy, usually while I’m drinking a grande cappuccino.

I think texting is the greatest invention since, well,  grande cappuccinos.  I think Facebook is a total time suck, of which I participate with great vigor.

I do not seize every day.  Sometimes I just seize the couch.


3 Responses to “Curious About Me?”

  1. Kelly Says:


    I’ve missed your sense of humor! This is great – keep up the good work.
    Sad news – I was blaming a lot of my “symptoms” on perimenopause, only
    to find out last month I’m not there yet!

    Keep us laughing,


  2. Love this! Write more…..

    • Thank you for the comment. I fell into a bit of an abyss the last several months. But I’m back with a new commitment to write. I write to purge all those crazy ladies living in my head. Thanks for the support!

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